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Responsible Business

We aspire to be a positive force in the property sector and the wider communities and environments in which we operate. We aim to be influencers in improving the property sector through our initiatives which are realised through our three pillars: People, Community and Planet.



At Knight Frank, we promise to promote a safe and secure environment that values diversity, promotes equal opportunities and encourages teamwork at every level. We are dedicated to ensuring that our employees’ health and welfare are looked after and that they're involved in the issues affecting the direction of the business.

We also support our employees with a comprehensive range of learning and development opportunities, which should help them grow and maximise their contribution to the firm. Such contributions will be recognised by the business, with both individual and collective contributions rewarded.

Knight Frank also provides early careers opportunities for school and higher education leavers, giving a route into real estate for the future leaders of tomorrow.




We strive to be a responsible business and one that supports the local communities it sits within all over the world. We support a selection of charities by giving to them every year, in relationships that last for at least five years. Currently, in the UK, Knight Frank supports Rainbow Trust and the property industry's charity, LandAid.

All our employees are given two volunteering days a year and we support them and our clients through financial donations for voluntary activities, such as internal fundraising and sporting events held between departments and other businesses.

Every two years, Knight Frank holds a 'Day of Giving', an organisation-wide fundraising drive where all departments and offices raise money for our two partner charities and three nominated charities. In the UK, in addition to Rainbow Trust and LandAid, we raised money for Young Minds, Alzheimer's Society and Contact the Elderly.



As a responsible business, Knight Frank is committed to conserving energy, paper and other resources, while reducing waste, and controlling our impact on the environment through more sustainable office operations.

Conscious of the global impact from discarded plastics; the firm is committed to removing single-use plastics, reducing our reliance on plastic products, and positively influencing the personal choices of our employees. 

We also keep up-to-date with all the relevant environmental legislation and regulations, and monitor our progress so that we can produce a regular status report for internal review by the management. This way we can build towards our commitment to becoming a greener, more holistic business.


What is ESG?

ESG (environmental, social and governance) collectively contributes to sustained performance, whilst making a positive impact on wider markets, communities and the planet as a whole.

At Knight Frank, our purpose is to work responsibly, in partnership, to enhance people's lives and environments. We understand the impact that ESG will continue to have on real estate and how it will play a pivotal part in shaping the future of our industry.

The built environment is responsible for around 40% of all global carbon emissions. Our industry has a large part to play in tackling climate change and opportunities and solutions are gathering speed to create a more sustainable and equitable future of real estate. ESG is increasingly front and centre of property investment decisions and has the ability to shape value in many ways. More than ever, ESG values must be embedded at the heart of our business and considered when servicing our clients.

Advising across the Building Lifecycle

Our aim is to be your ESG real estate partner – providing clear insights, advice and solutions to support your ESG strategies and help you become more sustainable now, and in the future.

We understand that ESG requirements will differ, depending on your real estate and strategy. With this in mind, our experts across the globe are here to advise on ESG at all stages of the building lifecycle.

Net Zero

Knight Frank has joined the global race to achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2030 - and we’re going faster where we can. In the UK, we’re aiming for 2027. Our commitment demonstrates the highest level of ambition, and we’ll be following strict science-based targets and pledges to keep global temperatures below the recommended 1.5 degrees.

As the largest privately-owned real estate advisory business in the world, we’re in a unique position to make a huge difference; through our own actions and the advice and support we provide to our clients. We’re aware that we have a great influence within our sector to create positive and lasting change.